7 May 2012

one year... (instagram)

My baby! / One year together and still no problems, awww yeaaah! / A cup of tea never leaves my hands. Fact. / Daniel enjoying his full English breakfast... / My loooovely breakfast! / I'd love these light shades as earrings, haha. / Weird metal/glass thingies in Wetherspoons. / Made for this! / Tried on the loveliest blazer in House of Fraser (rhymes!). If only I had £40. :( / Selfies in Subway. / And again... / Not gonna lie, we have nice teeth! Our babies will have pearly whites! Tehe. / I don't care how ugly this is, it's a Volkswagen, so I would drive it. / The walk home. :)
Instagram = mxlly

So, I've been blogging for a week now (and I'm impressed that I've got 11 followers already!) and I thought that today would be the perfect day to annoy you with annoying coupley photographs. Today has been a really special day for me and my other half... It's our one year anniversary! Granted, it may not seem like a long time for some people, but to us it's a real achievement and we're still so happy and in love... Sorry if the cheesiness is too much for you! We've had the best day together today - breakfasts at Wetherspoons then wandering around town for a few hours and cuddles for the rest of the day. Perfect. :)

P.S. I said to my boyfriend that I'd let him know the URL to my blog once I get 100 followers - help me out?! Just share my posts around if you like, it would be much appreciated... By him!

P.P.S. I also brought some hair extensions the other day... You like?!


  1. Yeeey! Congrats! :))) This is such a cute and inspiring post and you are such a lovely couple!
    Adorable blog! keep it up!


  2. Really like your blog, I am now following you!


  3. your hair extensions look great, what brand did you buy? x


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