30 April 2012

jewellery "storage"

There's a long post ahead, so prepare yourself!
1. My trusty pound shop storage unit! She's had many uses... Money box, stationery holder, and finally a makeshift jewellery box!
 2. Drawer one: earrings and stretchers/plugs. Nothing really exciting here...
 3. Drawer two: my lovely bracelets and a lone watch.
 4. I adore these bracelets. They were a gift from my mum when she was in India, and it's basically loads of little bells attached to it. So cute and really well made! Handmade jewellery is my favourite.
 5. Drawer three: rings (my favourite type of jewellery!) and my more important pieces.
 6. As you can see, I have a slight obsession with costume jewellery and anything a little kitsch...
 7. A ring which I inherited from my great aunt. Such a lovely, unique piece. I love antique jewellery the most.
 8. Not really doing my chubby sausage fingers any justice...!
 9. My favourite piece of jewellery out of everything I own. I inherited this locket from my grandma and it means so, so much to me.
 10. A few months ago I left it at my other half's house and he left this inside for me, he's a sweetheart... Except I didn't even notice until months after he'd done it! I'm quite slow...
 11. My art figure looking very godly and spiritual...
 12. Bangles which I definitely did not nick from my mum...
 13. Lovely Primark (yes, really!) necklace to match the ring in a previous photo.
 14. One of the first presents which I received on my 15th birthday from one of my friends.
15. Dainty necklaces are definitely my favourite, along with gold jewellery. 
16. My badge jar! There's a really cute shop a few doors down from me and a lovely old lady sells vintage badges for only 20p apiece. She's such a cutie!
17. Well, what can I say... 
 18. No comment.
 19. A cute little trinket pot which I couldn't resist taking a photograph of, seeing as it matches my nails! I've had this since I went to Cornwall in 2000, so it's a wonder that it's survived my many house moves!
20. A Venetian cat mask which my mum brought back for me from Italy. She knows me far too well... P.S. The big grey splodge is the new colour which I'm painting my room... quite apprehensive but I'll keep you posted!

29 April 2012

vintage tea dress

Excuse my terrible make-up and annoyingly stray strand of hair... But I brought this dress last Sunday at Nottingham Vintage Fair and have since been itching to share it with the  world! Unfortunately, the weather has not been the kindest recently, so I haven't had the chance to wear it (it's way too precious to wear out in the rain!) yet... So I'll just show you this beauty here!
Recently, I have become completely engrossed in the 50s/60s style, so it only seemed right to save all of my allowance (yep, I still get it... I don't think my dad wants to let go of the fact that I'm his baby!) to go on a spending spree at the vintage fair. Typically, I spotted this dress as soon as I walked in and fell in love with it. I was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to buy it now and spend all of my money, or just have a walk round in case I saw something else I liked more. But I just couldn't wait. I hated thinking that somebody else would fall in love with it, too, so I just had to grab it as quickly as I could! I am so glad I did so!
I've got my stepdad's mum and dad's fortieth wedding anniversary party slowly heading towards me, so I thought that this would be the perfect chance to wear it. I found a lovely pair of white peep toe slip-ons from Primark (£6 - bargain!) which match with this extremely well, and I just can't wait to finally wear it!

"Each night I ask the stars up above; why must I be a teenager in love?" ~ Marty Wilde

28 April 2012

grandad's house

I took all of these photographs as a part of my photography exam, titled "domestic". I am extremely inspired by the documentary photographer, Martin Parr, so I wanted to emulate his work in my own way. This shoot was based on families in domestic environments, and I feel as though I have captured the relationship of my grandad and I well. Fingers crossed that I achieve a good grade, as I feel as though all of my other shoots for the exam are fairly bad compared to this.


I'm Molly, I'm sixteen and I'm from Nottingham in the UK (I feel like I'm writing a biography for a dating site or something...).
I've blogged various times before but I usually lose interest as I tend to base the blog on just one subject. Not any more! I've decided that I'm going to start a photography, music and fashion/beauty orientated blog: basically, just a lifestyle blog. I'll just go with the flow and see how this all turns out, but for now, here's a few little facts about me.
  • I'm obsessed with cats. My two little babies, Eliza and Pudding, are my life. I'm definitely a crazy cat lady in the making.
  • I got my first camera for my eighth birthday, and ever since, I've been obsessed with snapping anything and everything I do, much to the annoyance of my family and friends!
  • My boyfriend is the most wonderful person I know. Although we do have our occasional tiffs (who doesn't?!), I just have this feeling that we are still going to be together in our 60s - something which a lot of our friends and family also say, which is always nice to hear!
  • At this particular moment in time, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I did have a few ambitions (teacher, music photojournalist, graphic designer) but right now, I'm thinking of taking business studies at university and starting my own little vintage shop and cafe. Fingers crossed! (As a gemini, I'm notorious to change my mind frequently - I doubt this idea will last for much longer and I'll move onto my next fad!)
I'm probably not the most interesting person in the world, but I certainly do have a lot of thoughts and ideas constantly swirling around my mind, so why not follow?! I promise you won't regret it...

"It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die." ~ Paolo Nutini