14 October 2012


My auntie moved to Blotzheim, a little village on the border of France and Switzerland, at the beginning of this year, so it meant one thing for my family: a holiday to visit her! We took the Euro Tunnel and drove through France, stopping off in Paris along the way, and got to visit Switzerland and Germany, too. I had a lovely time, as did the rest of my family, and I've got a few (okay, a LOT!) pictures to show you.

♥ Paris 

I'm sorry... I just had to!

Somebody was making money out of a rabbit. A*.

♥ Basel - Switzerland 

My lovely stepfather and mother - thank you for an amazing holiday!

♥ Black Forest - Germany 

My beautiful family 
We actually went swimming in this lake - something which I'm proud of because I'm terrified of open water! Although I did decide on an early exit because I saw a big fish and it gave me the heebie jeebies...

I had such a lovely time, and I am so, so thankful for having an amazing family willing to take us away. Thank you for the best week! Did you go on holiday this summer?