16 November 2012

new online clothing "shop"!

Hello there, my lovelies! I've got something a little exciting to share with you all. well, I say exciting, it's exciting to me...
I've started a new blog to sell clothes which i no longer wear anymore. some of the items are new with tags, some new without tags, and there's also a few vintage pieces on there.
Please, please, please check it out and i will love you forever!

second-hand boutique*

P.S. I'm ever so sorry for slipping out of blogging again! I started sixth form in September so I've been realllllly busy with my A-levels but I promise I'll start posting again soon!


  1. hi molly!

    how exciting :) and how funny, i also opened my clothing shop on the 16th! I'm off to check yours out right now!

    have you thought of selling on ebay? never tried it myself, but a lot of people do well, there!

    lovely blog. jealous you live in nottingham. is it nice there? i've always wanted to visit...

    xox, amber

    1. ahhh, hope yours is doing well!
      i have, but i'm not a fan of it because of the length of time that your money is held for.
      nottingham was exciting when i first moved here but after a while you just get used to everything - my heart is in bristol or cornwall!

  2. Followed you Molly! :)
    Checking ou your clothing shop now!



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